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Hudson Fasteners is starting a Revolution...

We are building an E-Commerce Site that will allow you to find the exact item you need quickly and easily.
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Screws, Nuts, Bolts, Storage Products, Military Hardware, Adhesives, Sealants, Anchors, Bits, Clips, Pins, Hooks, Studs, Rivets, Washers & more!

Our Goal...

To solve the overwhelming problem of searching for a specific product among thousands of similar products and millions of possible attributes.
Our new site will solve this problem allowing you to easily find exactly what you need!

Awesome Features

We are using all of the latest and greatest web technologies from Microsoft to give you “the best” possible on-line shopping experience!

Unlimited Options

If you are purchasing 10,000,000 or just 10 products.  We use the power and flexibility of the Microsoft Azure Cloud to make things snappy, quick, & accurate.

Ultra Responsive Layout

We support whatever hardware you are using PC, Laptop, Tablet, or Phone.  Our platform will render beautifully on every digital medium!